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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reflection on my new job

It's already 4 months ago that I started to work in this new company. Well, what can I say? Though I have good moments in this new company, there is STILL an evil underlying mentality that is only visible when you're at work: there is unfortunately a lot of envy....

My goodness, it is SOOO FREAKIN' ANNOYING to work with envious people! The constant annoying mentality I have to experience because of their jealousy until this day...even though it has mellowed for a great deal...and for what? I'm pretty sure it must be about my physical appearance, because the minute they saw me, their face changed and they immediately felt intimidated...stupid, stupid people! Even the male colleagues are crappy...can't stand it I don't talk to them, so they're trying very hard to make me jealous by being extremely nice to other female co-workers. Pathetic men, I am not the person who gets jealous on others. It says a lot how freakin' childish and insecure those men are.

There is a great chance the company will be taken over by someone else this year, so everybody has started to apply for a new job. I did that right from the beginning, because I never really liked the company. I hope I will  find myself in an environment that's acquainted to me very soon, I hardly can wait!


  1. I can imagine such colleagues are quite pesky..but hang in there. I think many people nowadays do work they don't love very much.


    1. You're right Derek, though it's not always easy.

      Cheers :-)

  2. Oh honey, I've been there a few times. Don't worry about them, because you have something that they wish to have as well.

    I agree it is an annoying situation. Praying for you xx