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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our jongest canary got seriously ill last week....

For that reason, I thought it was better to let him be euthanized. The vet thought that the cause of his illness could be a stroke or a calcium deficiency...But actually I'm kinda tired of buying sick birds. Four in a row have died over the past year. Enough is enough, no more new canaries for me! winking


  1. Aww....it's understandable you don't want new birds, maybe you will feel differently about over time ;-)

  2. Ahh wat zielig! Je had toch nog meer kanaries?

    1. Ja klopt, ik heb nog 2 kanaries en 2 zebravinkjes :-))

  3. Oh no. that's sad sis. so understandable that you don't want new birds, whatever you decide to have as a new pet, I wish you all the best, and that your new pet will live a long life <3 x

  4. I have one bird. If that bird dies, my son surely will miss him. For in a row dying birds is too much I think. It's best to overthink this if you'd like a new one. Good luck!

  5. What's up with the animals these days?? I had a canary 3 years ago and suddenly it died :/

  6. Sorry, that sucks. I'm not a pet lover, so no pets for me ;-)