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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Reflection upon my function as Domestic Worker

Last week I started my function as Domestic Worker. Though I found the thought being a Domestic Worker and all, not that appealing, in a strange way it satisfies me doing this work. Why? Because I am helping people who aren't able to clean their house themselves and with a small help from me and others, they are still able to live in a clean house. So that is satisfactory enough for me.

A woman even gave me box with chocolate bars, out of gratitude and another (young) woman hugged me twice, for doing such a good job. So, it's way less appalling to do this temp job than before.


  1. Well Riona, consider yourself lucky that you have at least something. Here in the UK many people are struggling to find a regular job.

    Many people in London are being evicted from their house, simply because they don't have a job anymore and the house prices are extremely high. This is not a good prospect for Europe....

    1. I guess, but it still not fair when your applying and you're being ignored. That's quite common now in Europe. Time to leave, I think?

    2. Stacey, we have the same situation in the Netherlands, I'm not sure which country is more worse, but people are getting laid off all the time and it is very dramatic. It's true you are lucky if you find a tiny thing though, but it's not easy for people who aren't Dutch from origin especially.

  2. I haven't found a job still either in the UK. It's true what Stacy says, it's very hard.

  3. Mi querida Riona,

    I'm very happy you found a job for the time being. Being at home can give pleasure, but not always ;-)

    Much luck in your new profession, chica!