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Saturday, June 28, 2014

My new Wifi Repeater

I just installed my new Wifi Repeater and boy, what a positive change when I internet in my room! No more fall-outs and no more slow internetting. I wished I've done it before, 'cause last week I had a bad bad wireless internet connection, so I knew I couldn't procrastinate it any longer, so here it is :-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Surinamese Fried Bananas

Just baked some delicious Surinamese Fried Bananas. I have to make a little bit of sate sauce and then I'm done. I have to make dinner now for me and my mom, so I guess we'll eat it later in the evening. You can find the recipe on http://goo.gl/PllnFp, you only need Google Translate to translate the recipe in your language.

If it's dinnertime in your country as well: Have a nice dinner!

Reflection upon my function as Domestic Worker

Last week I started my function as Domestic Worker. Though I found the thought being a Domestic Worker and all, not that appealing, in a strange way it satisfies me doing this work. Why? Because I am helping people who aren't able to clean their house themselves and with a small help from me and others, they are still able to live in a clean house. So that is satisfactory enough for me.

A woman even gave me box with chocolate bars, out of gratitude and another (young) woman hugged me twice, for doing such a good job. So, it's way less appalling to do this temp job than before.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Last Saturday (June 7) I went to a wedding from my cousin. I was so proud that he is a changed man and became a responsible adult. He seemed very happy at his wedding and so was his wife. They already have a 3 year old, but decided this year to get married.

Congratulations, dear cousin!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Just trained on my hometrainer, because I need to loose  some weight. I hope I will manage to stay focused ;-) Tomorrow I wanna walk my daily route, that's about 4 km. I hope it won't rain. If it rains, perhaps I'm gonna wear my rain jacket.

Have a good night all!