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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just cleaned the garbage in our garden

Wow, the neighbours in our area behave like filthy pigs and piglets: they throw a lot of garbage in our garden and they do this, just to badger us. The landlord came by and talked to the neighbours about this situation and asked who is responsible for this mess. Of course everybody said right away that they aren't responsible for the garbage, they mentioned that they haven't done anything wrong: yeah right, I guess the garbage finds a way to visit us and throws itself in our garden on purpose! ;-)
The landlord promised us he would sent people to clean our garden the next day....we are still waiting for them. I guess all landlords are full of crap and break their promises as soon as they are leaving...

We don't have the energy anymore to fight against this injustice here in the Netherlands. The government doesn't care about the people and ESPECIALLY not about foreigners, they only care about themselves. We can't wait until the day finally arrives when we can leave Europe for good!


  1. This is outrageous!!! And the landlord accepts this???

    1. Yes, he says that the Housing Association doesn´t have any money. So that´s the reason he can´t help us out.