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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And what are your plans for Christmas?

Just wondering! :-) I'm going to Brussels with family members by car.What are you going to do?

Update: We have decided to stay in The Netherlands for Christmas ;-)


  1. Hoi hoi Riona,

    Ik ga met m'n man naar zijn familie in Leeuwarden :-)
    Leuk dat je naar Belgiƫ gaat ;-)

  2. Going to London with Patrick and visit his parents :)

  3. I've invited friends to come to our house :-) Have a great trip to Belgium

  4. Hi Riona, I'll be visiting my parents. Unfortunately my husband has to work ;-) Enjoy your holiday! Hugs xx

  5. Going with my family to my aunt and uncle..have a great time chica! xo