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Friday, December 13, 2013

Already searching for a new notebook

Last Tuesday I went with my mom to a big store for consumer electronics to search for a new laptop that I want to buy in January. I'm expecting a nice amount of money from the health care allowance. My old laptop abandoned me, I can still use it, but the display is kinda broken and I have to pay €400,- again in order to fix it and I already fixed that laptop before...what a shame. So God has opened a new door for me so that I can buy a nice, decent notebook :-)

Update: Wednesday on December 18 I bought my new laptop from Acer. Though I wished this laptop had backlight on the keyboard and more capacity, I'm still content with it :-)


  1. Wow, pretty cool! Patrick said he'll buy mine next year :-)) Such a cool guy...

  2. Cool! I bet it has Windows 8. I'm gonna buy in February, a laptop and a personal computer.